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-P.hd student in IT ( Digital Media)                                                      2019- Still

Carleton University, Canada

-Master of IT (Digital Media)                                                                          2019

Carleton University, Canada

-BS in Computer Science                                                                                2002

BCU University  

-“Microsoft Technology Associate”                                                                  2016

Certified by Microsoft cooperation. 

-Certificate of Achievement Business Management Course                        2007

Lebanese American University, Lebanon  

-Foundation Diploma in Mobile Application Development                           2015

Shaw Academy

Certificate of Achievement Developing Web Application with                     2015

MS Visual Studio 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                   

New Horizon

-Certificate of Achievement for “Azure Gulf Professional Starter”          2016

Microsoft Azure

-Certificate of Achievement - Diploma in Web Development                     2016

Shaw Academy

-Certificate of Achievement 3D Max Fundamentals                                   2016


-Navigating the Canadian IT Workplace                                                       2016

Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre